Pre-Order Terms & Conditions

You can also find this information on our Terms & Conditions page.



The items in the section are pre-order items. Items could take weeks to arrive to our location before they are shipped out to you. PRE- ORDERS WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE FOR LOCAL PICKUP.

If you are ordering with "in-stock" items, PLEASE keep in mind that they will be shipped with your pre-order item when it comes in and NOT separately. If you do not want to wait for the "in-stock" item, please order separately.

You will not be refunded if shipping takes longer than anticipated, as this is out of our control.

Please note that when pre-orders close, you MAY receive a refund if items sell out from the wholesaler before I order. The refund process will go in order of numbers (first come, first served bases).

Please note that all orders as off April 2/21 will have a terms and conditions box to check at checkout. By checking this box, you agree to our terms and conditions. You will NOT able to check out if the box is not checked.


For further questions, please email